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Journal Articles

2022 "Violent or Non-violent Action? Civilian Resistance and Tactical Choice in Colombia and Mozambique" Political Geography [online first] (with Corinna Jentzsch)

2021 Refusing to Cooperate with Armed Groups. Civilian Agency and Civilian Noncooperation in Armed Conflicts” International Studies Review, 23(3): 887-913

2021 “Civilian Contention in Civil War. How Ideational Factors Shape Civilian Collective Responses to Armed Groups?” Comparative Political Studies, 54(10): 1849-1884 

2020 “Who Shot the Bullets? Violence, Perpetrator Identity and Attitudes Towards Peace” Latin American Politics and Society 62(4): 24 - 49 (with G. Kreiman)

[Replication material: Harvard Dataverse]

2019  “Risks and Opportunities of Direct Democracy. The Effect of Information in Colombia’s Peace Referendum.” Politics and Governance 7(2): 242 – 267 (with D. Morisi)

2017 “Civil Resistance in Armed Conflict: Leveraging Nonviolent Action to Navigate War, Oppose Violence and Confront Oppression.” Journal of Peacebuilding & Development, 12(3): 1 – 9 (with M. Hallward & C. Mouly)

2017 “PKK Violence against Civilians. Beyond the Individual, Understanding Collective Targeting.” Terrorism & Political Violence, 32(1): 77 – 99  (with F. O’Connor)

2017 “Voicing Outrage Unevenly. Democratic Dissatisfaction and Differential Participation in the 15-M Protest Campaign.” Mobilization, 22(2): 201 – 222 (with M. Portos)

2014 “Bringing the New Wars Debate Back on Track: Building on Critiques, Identifying Opportunities, and Moving Forward.” Global Policy Journal, 5(4): 415 – 424. (with J. Lauzurika)

2014 “Transcending the Inter-Intra Divide: A Theoretical Inquiry into CivilWar and its Repercussions on International Crises. The Colombia-Venezuela Case.” Revista Aldea Mundo, 38(2): 9 – 24. (with N. Jenne)

2012 “Midiendo la violencia contra los trabajadores sindicalizados en Colombia.” Controversia, No. 197. (with C. Sánchez and J. D. González)

2010 “Población infantil y violencia armada.” Revista Forénsis, 355 – 367. (with K. Aguirre and S. Millan).

Under Review

[Revise and Resubmit] "The Human Costs of the War on Drugs. Attitudes towards Militarization of Security in Mexico" (with Davide Morisi) Comparative Political Studies

[OSF Pre-print here]

[Revise and Resubmit]  “Aligning Interviewing with Process Tracing” (with Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos) Sociological Research and Methods

[Under Review] "Risky Business: International Support for Civilian Self-Protection" (with Emily Paddon Rhoads and Jennifer Welsh)

[Under Review] "Does it Matter that an Ally is Democratic? Public Diplomacy and Attitudes Toward International Actors in Times of Crisis" (with Fabrizio Coticchia, Marco Di Giulio, Andrea Ruggeri)

Edited Volume 

[Forthcoming, summer 2023]  “Civilian Protective Agency in Violent Settings: A Comparative Perspective” Oxford University Press (with Jana Krause, Emily Paddon and Jennifer Welsh)


Book Chapters

[forthcoming] "Vigilantism as Civilian Protective Agency. The case of autodefensas in Mexico" in Civilian Protective Agency in Violent Settings: A Comparative Perspective (edited by Jana Krause, Juan Masullo, Emily Paddon and Jennifer Welsh) Oxford: Oxford University Press (with Moshe Ben Hamo) 

[forthcoming] "What is Civilian Protective Agency. A Research Agenda" in Civilian Protective Agency in Violent Settings: A Comparative Perspective (edited by Jana Krause, Juan Masullo, Emily Paddon and Jennifer Welsh) Oxford: Oxford University Press (with Jana Krause and Emily Paddon)

2021 "Mobilizing to Counter Post-accord Security Challenges: The Case of the “Humanitarian Accord Now” in Chocó" in Confronting Peace. Local Peacebuilding in Wake of a National Peace Agreement (edited by S.H. Allen, L.E. Hancock, C. Mitchell, and C. Mouly) New York: Springer (pp. 81 -- 109) (with A.I. Rodríguez and N. Rosen)

2019 “Do Non-state Armed Groups Influence each other in Attack Timing and Frequency? Generating, Analyzing and Comparing Empirical Data and Simulation” in Computational Conflict Research (edited by E. Deutschmann; E. Lorenz; J. Nardin; L.G., Natalini; A.F.X. Wilhelm) New York: Springer (pp. 167 – 182) (with S. Cremaschi, B. Kirdermir, A. Pah, N. Payette and R. Yarlagadda)

2019 “Alternative Forms of Civilian Noncooperation with Armed Groups: The Case of Samaniego in Colombia” in Civil Resistance and Violent Conflict in Latin America. Mobilizing for Rights (edited by C. Mouly and E. Hernandez) New York: Palgrave (pp. 111 – 136) (with C. Mouly and M. B. Garrido) [Translated into Spanish]

2018 “Innovative Youth Reactions in the Face of Local Violence: Noncooperation as a Source of Legitimacy” in Local Peace-Building and Legitimacy (edited by C. Mitchell and L. Hancock) New York: Routledge (pp. 63 – 83)

2017 “Making sense of La Salida: Challenging left-wing control in Venezuela” in Riding the Wave (edited by D. della Porta) Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

2011 “Introducción” in Guatemala en la encrucijada. Panorama de una violencia transformada (edited by J. Restrepo and A. Tobón) Bogotá: Editorial Panamericana, (with J. Restrepo and A. Tobón)

2011 “La violencia en Guatemala: factores multicausales” Guatemala en la encrucijada. Panorama de una violencia transformada (edited by J. Restrepo and A. Tobón) Bogotá: Editorial Panamericana



2022 “As the ELN resumes peace talks with the Colombian government, women’s participation is more important than ever” in LSE Blogs. Dec. 1 (with J. Zulver and S. Weber)

2021 “Community Responses to a Changing Security Landscape at the Colombia– Venezuela Border: The Case of La Guajira” Journal of Human Rights Practice 13(1): 173 – 184 (with A. Idler and J. Zulver)

2020 "In War-torn Colombia One Community Stands Up to Outsiders" in Political Violence @ a Glance. May 27 (with J. Zulver)

2019 “Will 2019 see a Peace Process for the ELN rebels in Colombia?” in openDemocracy. Jan. 7 (with A. Idler and J. Zulver)

[In Spanish] “Verá Colombia un acuerdo de paz con ELN en 2019?” in


2018 ““Hugs, not gunshots”: How can AMLO convince Mexicans of a new approach to security?” in Political Violence @ a Glance. Oct. 18 (with D. Morisi)

[In Spanish] ““Abrazos, no balazos”: Cómo puede AMLO conseguir apoyo popular para un cambio en la política de seguridad?” in


2017 “Challenges in Colombia’s Changing Security Landscape. Toward a Shared Vision of Peace” in LASA Forum, 49(3): 75 – 79. (with M. Niño, J. Boesten, A. Idler, A. Tickner and J. Zulver)

2017 “Resisting War: Insights from a New Frontier in Civil Resistance Studies” in Minds of the Movement. Nov. 9.

2016 “How governments pitch a referendum is a big deal. Here’s what we learned in Colombia” in The Monkey Cage. Dec. 10. (with D. Morisi)

2015 “Villagers stand up for peace in Colombia’s civil war” in openDemocracy. Nov. 4.

[In Spanish] “Campesinos Colombianos que defienden la paz” [here]

Book Reviews

2014 Strangers at the Gates: Movements and States in Contentious Politics by Sidney Tarrow (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Global Policy Journal (with M. Portos)

2013 Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict by Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan (New York University Press, 2011), Global Policy Journal

2013 Inside Insurgencies. Violence, Civilians, and Revolutionary Group Behavior by Claire Metelits (New York University Press, 2010), Global Policy Journal

2013 Power In Movement. Social Movements and Contentious Politics by Sidney Tarrow (Cambridge University Press, 2011) CEU Journal of Political Science 8(1)

2012 Rebel Rulers. Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life During War by Zachariah C. Mampilly (Cornell University Press, 2011), Global Policy Journal


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